December 23, 2009

NGC 6069

This image very nearly didn’t get taken at all due to a dew spot developing on the QHY8 nose piece and my scope very nearly running into the mount due to the fact I forgot I needed to do a meridian flip and fell asleep, luckily disaster was averted and the resulting image is below.
I’m still struggling with egg shaped stars with the MN 190 at exposures longer that 5 mins due to flex but DSS has made the best of what I got. The image is also cropped due to me framing the star in the centre of the FOV rather that the object!!!! DOH!!!!

OTA: SW 190 Mak Newt
Guiding: William Optics 90 DSI pro II PHD
QHY8 MaximDL, 30x300s
Stacked using: DeepSkyStacker
Processed using PSCS2


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