January 12, 2011

A New Year!!!

OK, its been a whole year since I last posted, however I do have lots of excuses but a lot has happened.

I started planning/dreaming of an Observatory back in 2008 shortly after I started astro imaging but due to one thing and another ( 3 house moves falling apart at the last minute ) it was only in august 2010 I realised my dream.

The Observatory was built and installed by Alexander’s Observatories, its 16ft by 10ft has a 6ft by 10ft warm room and sits on paving slab base I have two piers installed on a concrete base that is independent from the raised floor. The interior walls are covered by plywood and painted with wood preservative.

I have two setups on individual piers, the first rig is a C11 edge HD SCT on a EQ6 mount for planetary and galaxy work and is guided with a off access guider. The second rig is a C8 SCT with a hyperstar and guided with a WO 90mm refractor on a Heq5 mount, both rigs are controlled independently using eqmod.

I’ve still got a few finishing touches to complete but we are all ready to go once these clouds disappear 🙂

Finally I would like to introduce you all to the The “ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha” Observatory 🙂

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