September 14, 2012

Setup of Second Pier

At long last with the help of my good friend MrL I managed to get the second pier (Arthur Dent) polar aligned in the Observatory. For once everything went as planned, a quick visual alignment to get within the ball park then we connected the QHY8 to the William Optics 90, three quick runs through polar align max and we were done.
Things went so well that we couldn’t help ourselves and ran off a couple of test shots of M31 and NGC 7000, the images were unguided at 60 seconds 4 times bin, we were both quite impressed with the results to say the least.
It had been a while since both of us have had the opportunity to do any imagining and I think we had both lost some enthusiasm for the hobby but at one point during the night I glanced across at MrL and noticed he was looking up into the night sky, joining him I stared up and was treated to a fantastic view of the milky way!! I think I can safely say the passion for everything Astro related is back.

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