January 22, 2009

NGC 2796

First clear night for ages so got home early and set the scope up, I had decided to go for M81 M82 with the MAKNEWT, so 4 star alignment, and M82 popped into the FOV (well, I thought it was M82). After centring the object I thought was M82, I changed the camera orientation to find M81 and after a hour of trying gave up and went for M82 on its own. I only managed a hours worth of data and the images on the screen didn’t look great so I didn’t bother doing any flats etc, I did stack the images, did a bit of curves and levels and ended up with a object that wasn’t M82. So I thought, I had either discovered a new DSO never before seen by man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, or my alignment was off and it’s a completely different DSO and since it couldn’t possibly be my alignment it must be a new DSO . Getting more and more excited I thought that before I ring up the Royal Observatory claiming I had found a new object and explaining to them the name I wanted to give it, I sent a quick email to SteveL to check it with Astrometry.net.

To my disappointment (as you may have guessed already) it wasn’t a new DSO ……………. So in answer to my question when is M82 not M82…………………. 

when its NGC2976 


NGC 2975

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